GENIORS at the FISA 2019 Conferences

GENIORS participated in the Session n°3 titled “Advanced nuclear systems and fuel cycle” of the FISA 2019 Conferences, taking place in Pitesti (Romania) from 4-7 June.

This third FISA session was devoted to R&D of a new generation of more sustainable reactor technologies, the safety design and licensing of technologies also identified by the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (SNETP-ESNII Generation IV fast reactors and closing the fuel cycle).

Stéphane BOURG (CEA), the GENIORS coordinator gave a presentation named “From fuel to fuel: Dissolution, Partitioning and fuel manufacturing”.

An important feature of advanced nuclear systems is related to the development of innovative fuels and materials which benefits of the support from EERA JPNM (Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials for fission and fusion). Additionally, the entire nuclear fuel cycle is studied, from fuel fabrication to recycling strategies, partitioning and transmutation, to waste streams and high-level waste management, in order to meet, among others, the sustainable goals of minimisation of waste and better use of natural resources.

Development of new applications for nuclear such as the Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative with high temperature reactors (SNETP-NC2I, cogeneration of electricity and heat) was also presented during this FISA session.

Cross-cutting nuclear data activities to the level needed by simulation codes to fulfil present requirements, for the safe and sustainable operation, development of existing and future fission and fusion reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities, was also discussed.

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