GEN IV integrated oxide fuels recycling strategies

The GENIORS Horizon 2020 project focuses on improving current recycling of spent nuclear fuel and future multiple recycling strategies to be implemented in the 4th generation of reactors expected to enter operation by 2030. Through sound research and an innovative approach, GENIORS is expected to provide the EU with science-based strategies for nuclear fuel management and contribute significantly to its energy independence. In the longer term, the project’s results will facilitate radioactive waste management by reducing its volume and radiotoxicity, and support a more efficient utilisation of natural resources.

A sustainable energy source

GENIORS will contribute to the development of advanced nuclear fuel cycles capable of facilitating radioactive waste management and improving the sustainability of nuclear power as an energy source.

A European challenge

Thanks to the expertise of the partners in GENIORS and the results stemming from the project, the EU will have the knowledge base to develop strong policies that will allow Europe to be more independent energy-wise and boost its economic competitiveness.

Focus on young scientists

Workshops, seminars, travel bursaries and access to an electronic portal on nuclear chemistry… GENIORS offers various activities to encourage the vocation of students and young scientists.


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GENIORS Partners

The GENIORS consortium brings together expertise from 24 partners: 10 nuclear research centres, 10 universities, two nuclear operators, one SME and one technical safety organisation.

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