GENIORS workshop n°3 in Milan

The third GENIORS workshop will be held in Milan (Italy), from 4 -6 November 2019. Entitled “Processes: flow-sheets & simulation”, this event will be hosted by the Politecnico di Milano.

As for the previous GENIORS meetings in Prague and Antwerp, the Milan meeting is an open workshop, dealing with actinides separation processes and process simulations and modelling. The first part of the workshop will cover the separation processes for homogeneous (e. g. GANEX) and heterogeneous (e. g. i-SANEX, ALSEP, EXAm…) recycling of actinides. The workshop will also explain and discuss the flow-sheets of the individual processes, pros and cons of different processes addressing a certain separation will be evaluated. The second part will be dedicated to flow-sheet simulations and modelling. What are the experimental data required to simulate a solvent extraction process? How is modelling used to design and optimise a process? How do simulations support maloperation studies?

If you are interested in cutting-edge actinide separation processes, this is the place to be. Join us!


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