Advanced Techniques in Actinide Spectroscopy (ATAS2018) – Nice (France)

ATAS is a dedicated workshop on actinide spectroscopy and related techniques. 

It focuses on recent advances in actinide chemistry from both a spectroscopic and theoretical point of view. Complementary application of various spectroscopic techniques and their combination with theoretical approaches can lead to a more profound understanding of structures, thermodynamics and kinetics of actinide complex formation.

The workshop covers vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman), laser-induced spectroscopy (luminescence and photoacoustic), X-ray based spectroscopies (XAS, XPS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometries (AMS, ESI MS), quantum chemical calculations and other emerging techniques. Most current applications of spectroscopy techniques in broad fields from fundamental actinide science, nuclear material characterization, spent nuclear fuel separation, nuclear waste processing, long-term high-level nuclear waste storage, contaminated subsurface remediation and transfer to the biotope as well as nuclear forensics will be discussed.

Important deadlines:

Abstract submission deadline : 29th of June 2018

Registration deadline : 28th September 2018

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