Other related European projects

INSPYRE (2017-2021): investigations on fast reactor MOX fuel to support the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) reactor prototypes.
BIFROST: studies on oxide fuel and cladding interactions.
MYRTE (2015-2019): research on high-level nuclear waste transmutation at industrial scale, using the MYRRHA installations (the Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications is the first prototype in the world of a nuclear reactor driven by a particle accelerator).
PELGRIMM (2012-2016): minor actinide fuel developments for the Generation IV fast reactor system to support the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP).
Meet-CINCH (2010-2016): teaching and training package in nuclear and radiochemistry for students and young researchers.
SAEXFUEL (2013-2015): develop cooperative research activities on interim storage of spent fuel and other high level radioactive wastes.